New Moon Qualities, A Bit Of Cosmic Weather

Here we are again where the moon whispers of endings and new beginnings. How does this one relate to us? Good day and hopefully for all, a resplendently restorative evening. We’re tuning into the timbre of this upcoming new moon. For those who are new to this term it is used in the study of music. It not only refers to the different tones that come together creating a composition and song, but also the emotional feeling sates invoked by them. So let’s take a look into the tones and qualities of the subtle energetic landscape.

This Wednesday at 12am EST or tonight at midnight (EST), the moon enters the new moon phase at 23° and 13 minutes of Capricorn, right alongside Pluto (meaning within zodiacal degrees, not physical proximity of course). What things within you are trying to find solid ground? Do you feel cocooned and supported? Weighted by inertia? Are there sticky dark little devils in your psyche attempting to sabotage progress? This degree in Cap (especial near pluto) is around both stagnation and purification. Are there tonalities within your experience, your perception, your feelings, that are swamp like? What do you need or equally what do you need less of in order to pull your spirit out of the gutter? Other expressions of the qualities could be total privacy, quiet in solitude, keeping secrets, feeling closely knit into a protected space(think hobbit hole), total isolation, or repression in order to not disturb the surface.

Throughout the years and amongst different teachers (ritual, mysticism, etc), a common thread has been this: Don’t even think about protecting your space without purifying it first; otherwise, you’ll just succeed in sealing up the demons, stagnation, “it just feels yucky”, bad vibes, evil eye… (whatever name you need to tag onto the things in order to relate) with you.

So what else can be done aside from looking inward and recognizing dusty old attitudes, toxic stories that you’ve been holding onto, white lies you know you’re telling yourself, or any other way that creates mental mire? Clean the house. Burn a little bay leaf, rosemary, local wild apotropaic plants, palo santo, dragon’s blood resin or frankincense (Don’t forget to open a window or door… because you want to actually air it out). Feng Shui encourages the movement of 27 objects in the home to change the energy (this can do a lot honestly), playing musical instruments, clapping in corners, ringing bells, if you’re familiar with the yogic kapalabhati breath I definitely recommend that practice, if you’re not I definitely recommend looking into it… we need more than a “new moon bath”.

When you’ve essentially tilled the ground by cleaning house, what bubbles up? What in you wants to create a foundation? What avenue/zone/aspect of your being is expressing that it needs stability? What part of your life requires you to take the lead? Allowing the time to explore these questions plants the seeds. If you know so very much in your heart a something that you want, write down your thing 49 times and put it under your pillow. I recommend tying it up with a sprig of rosemary in a red string (but not imperative).

I hope this has been helpful. Please explore the website and if you have any questions or words that you’d like to share, please go to the kinship tab in the website menu to reach out.

Within the week we’ll have Aqua horoscopes as the sun ingresses to Aquarius on the 19th. We’ll also touch on: Mercury stationing retrograde on the 30th (so if there is any communications that you’ve been putting off… do it now), Venus’s ingress to Aquarius on February 1st, and how it all blends together.

Whatever way we are plugged into and turned on to our personal experience, astrology is a cognitive awareness instrument and we can pay attention to it as a live action, interactive, attention required, mindfulness practice that will absolutely affect change. A much more empowering move than being mentally and emotionally blown about by the whims of circumstance. Take the reins, babe.

Warmth & New Moon Auspiciousness to you, A. Katarina

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