An air of mystery and curiosity frequently surrounds the subject of astrology. Naturally, that creates excitement but there is more to it than a quick hit of zodiacal quips and memes.

The 411:

The most fundamental point of study is that of the natal or birth chart. Within this chart are [at bare minimum] the individual’s 12 basic signs. That’s right… a lot more than just one. Without a cohesive understanding of a chart and how the dots are connected, a treasure trove of information is reduced to a paltry tidbit equivalent to the strip of paper found in a stale fortune cookie. Astrology is a close look at relationships to complex patterns. These patterns have been studied for over two thousand years and with all of the complexities a symbolic language was born to raise attention to and communicate around these patterns. Astrology provides multidimensional maps, each one is wholly unique and it allows for a wider vision, a different perspective, options, and ultimately better more wholistic living. It doesn’t require belief but it does require attention.

Imagine that you’re riding a bike. Now think about looking at the ground or just a few feet in front of the bike while your riding it. Engaging in astrology sessions could make the difference between staring at the ground while your moving forward to looking up at the horizon. I would not consider myself a prognosticative astrologist. Astrology is a relationship to understanding our patterns, seeing were we can grow, it’s a look at our most beneficial options, and it provides us with an opportunity to get closer to the best version of ourselves, which naturally affects our immediate environment… but that’s just the beginning…

Astrology is not born from nor is it a substitute for psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry or any form of western medicine which is familiarly known as clinical medicine; therefore, it should not be treated as such. Astrology is a much more ancient animal. I am not the Pythia (pssst, that’s what they called the Oracle of Delphi).I have been trained and I continue to study the complex and multidimensional symbolism of astrology. No part of astrology was ever intended to be used as a band aid or as a scapegoat. We must own our authority. All are required to use their sweet common sense. My style of working with and writing about astrology acknowledges the importance of accountability and because of this, by reading any part of what I write or by discussing astrology with me at any time, you acknowledge and agree with these terms. xo